“The border of the United States begins in southern Mexico”. This is how Central American, Cuban, Haitian and African migrants tell the story of their journey in search of the American dream. It begins at the border between Mexico and Guatemala on makeshift rafts launched on the Río Suchiate before they walk for days and then board the famous freight train “La Bestia” that crosses the country.

Bypassing the Mexican migration police, alone or in caravans, thousands of migrants take this route every day to flee the violence that plagues their countries, despite the long journey and many dangers. A migration route that changes from day to day, depending on politics or police pressure in the countries of the North. The migrants lose their money, their dignity and sometimes even their lives. Jeoffrey Guillemard’s series was created between 2017 and 2021 in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and the United States.

Jeoffrey Guillemard. Born in 1986 in Nancy, France, he has lived in Mexico since 2006. He started as a self-taught photographer and graduated from the EMI-CFD photojournalism training in Paris in 2014. His documentaries focus on contemporary social issues such as migration, sexuality, religious practices and social movements.

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