“In Limbo” is an unfinished photo project dealing with the Ukraine, concerning the people in this country as well as the social and historical developments and lines of conflict. The images shown in this exhibition were taken over a period of more than nine years. The photographs describe the everyday life of this country and its people. Historical, social and societal processes become visible, lines of development continue into the present.

Portraits, landscapes or everyday scenes reflect the psychological and social effects of a constant interplay between hope and disappointment, of political conflicts and, since 2014, of constant military conflicts. It is also about the question of identity or multiple identities and the many upheavals that have left deep traces. The title originally refers to the outermost circle of hell, in which souls find themselves who have been excluded from paradise through no fault of their own. Now again, since February 24, 2022, the Ukrainian people have once again arrived in hell.

Florian Bachmeier. Born in 1974 in Tegernsee. Grew up in Schliersee. Studied photography in Pamplona and New and Contemporary History at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. He works as a freelance photographer for various clients in Germany and Austria and for national and international media. Since 2011 he is a member of N‑Ost news network for Eastern Europe. In 2021, he published his illustrated book “In Limbo. Ukraine 2013–2021”. Currently, he is working on long-term projects, mainly documenting events in the Ukraine.


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