We live in a visual world. But can we trust our eyes? Internet and social channels as visual, image-rich media increasingly influence our everyday life. They change our idea and conceptualization of reality. The individual receives, desired or unwanted, a multitude of images and information. They find themselves in a permanent process of evaluation and comparison — and must constantly position themselves within this process. Certainties dissolve, uncertainty arises.

The series “Water Masks” plays with this theme. As if through a distorting mirror, it shows the variation of one and the same person. However, an intuitive, quick recognition and classification of the counterpart is not possible. The viewer registers the familiar as well as the alienating. He recognizes individual parts, but cannot grasp the face as a whole and must ultimately allow the person behind it to remain hidden. Often, however, a judgment and classification begins. But what do we see? What is reality, what is our projection? What can we see? What do we want to see?

Marc-Oliver Schulz. Studied photography at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, graduating with a degree in design. Lives in Hamburg and works as a freelance photographer in the field of corporate communications. In his artistic works he asks questions about the representability of reality in photography

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