How do we humans want to live in the future? Technical progress is running ahead of our earthly conditions. We are alienating ourselves from the natural creature and becoming a man-machine symbiosis that increasingly takes refuge in virtual worlds. Society is evolving from communal thought to self-efficient individuals and lone wolves. And yet we are always in search of connection. Fleeing from loneliness, one can always undergo one of the effective diversionary maneuvers that take one to other levels of reality, away from the physically experienced world.

Online gaming, virtual reality, social media and dating apps are leading to less and less exposure to the real world. With the latest events of the coronavirus spread, society is even limited to these means of communication. The photographer takes us into this artificial world with compositions of photographs mixed with CGI renderings and elements from computer games.

Laura Stromp . Berlin-based artist who composes photography with other digital media, such as CGI, augmented reality filters or elements from computer games with the help of elaborate post-production, thus creating multiple levels of reality. Her main themes are constructed realities and identities in cyberspace. She uses a futuristic, artificial aesthetic.

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